von Jagenstadt German Shepherd Dogs

V Nanooc vom Akrobat
(VA Enosch von Amasis x V Thora vom Fichtenschlag)
IPO1, Kkl1, "a" HD-ED, ZW-95
SZ-2267261 WT: 04-04-11 DNA
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) Clear


Nanooc is a TOP German Import of the highest quality and proven producer of TOP progeny. Nanooc's sire Enosch von Amasis is a TOP VA rated male in Germany, her father line goes back to10 generations of all VA1 Sieger's and top VA males. Besides being a TOP Conformation/Show dog Enosch and his son Kronos von Nürburgring are also rated 5-5 in protection work at the German Sieger Show, the highest honor awarded with about only 5 males in a class of 200+ receiving this high placement, so the bloodline brings the best anatomy and movement along with the best temperament/character and working ability.

Nanooc's dam Thora is also the mother to the 2x VA1 German World Sieger Remo vom Fichtenschlag, Remo is also a recipient of 5-5 protection work at the German Sieger Show, her pedigree is stacked top and bottom with TOP producing VA dogs in both anatomy and movement and temperament/character and working ability!

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DOB   OFA Information
Titles IPO1 Körung/Breed Survey









OFA Information

Körung/Breed Survey

    Korschein Report - Breed Survey: Breed Survey April 26, 2014
    Körmeister: Herr Dieter Oeser

    Large, medium strong, well pigmented, dry, firm, typey and expressive, good height to length proportions, straight in front, very good front and rear angulation, very good upper and underline, balanced chest proportions, good length and position of the croup, strong rear drive, free front reach, very powerful movement.

  • Steady nerves, strong character

  • Courage and fighting instinct pronounced, does release

Special Merits: Dry and firm, typey and expressive female of correct anatomy.
Breeding Recommendations:  Suitable for improving pigment and anatomy.




VA Enosch von Amasis
SchH3 / VA(BSZS) / 1 / Normal / Normal

VA Ober von Bad-Boll
SZ 2169889 / 21.07.2005 SchH3 / VA(BSZS) / 1 / Normal / Normal

VA Giovanni vom Kapellenberg
SZ 2128303 / 16.05.2003 SchH1 IPO3 / VA(CN) / 1 / Fast normal / Normal

VA Quantum von Arminius

VA Dux della Valcuvia

V Only vom Wutachtal

V Wanda vom Haus Stoppacher

VA Salo vom Maifeld 

V Onka vom Haus Stoppacher

VA Aike zum Gigelsfelsen
SZ 2078498 / 13.09.2000 SchH2 / VA(BSZS+CH) / 1 / Normal / -

VA Kevin vom Murrtal

VA Rikkor von Bad-Boll

V Aischa vom Holundergarten

VA Toska zum Gigelsfelsen

VA Ursus von Batu

VA Xena aus Agrigento

V Bali von Amasis
SHSB 646407 / 12.01.2006 WP SchH1 / V / * / a im Ausland

V Figo van der Lust
SZ 2124387 / 28.11.2002 SchH1 / V / 1 / Normal / Normal

VA Ghandi von Arlett

VA Ursus von Batu

VAWendrina von der Kahler Heide 

V Cleo van der Lust

VA Esko vom Dänischen Hof

V Ledi vom Bauhofer-Land

V Bania del Seprio
LOI-03 95130 / 21.04.2003 WP IPO1 / V / * / a im Ausland zuerkannt / -

VA Valium von Arminius

VA Rikkor von Bad-Boll

VA Kelly von Arminius

V Filly del Seprio

VA Ghandi von Arlett

V Gora del Murnighello

V Thora vom Fichtenschlag
SchH3 / V / 1 / Normal / Normal
* Dam of 2x VA1 Sieger Remo v. Fichtenschlag

VA Wilko vom Fichtenschlag
SZ 2110006 / 22.08.2002
SchH3 / V / 1 / Normal / Normal 

VA Orbit von Tronje
SZ 2037762 / 06.11.1998
SchH3 / VA(BSZS) / 1 / Normal / Normal

VA Neptun von Bad-Boll

VA Yassko von der Roten Matter

V Eibe von Bad-Boll

V Babette von Tronje

VA Natz vom Steigerhof

V Berthas Oline

V Unsa vom Fichtenschlag
SZ 2055737 / 22.09.1999 SchH3 / / 1 / Normal / -

VA Hoss vom Lärchenhain

VA Dorijan vom Yohaness Berg

VA Tina von Arminius

VA Holly vom Fichtenschlag

VA  Cash vom Wildsteiger Land

V Linda vom Wildsteiger Land

VA Lufti vom Hühnegrab
SZ 2106361 / 15.03.2002
SchH3 / VA(E) / 1 / Fast normal / Normal

VA Hill vom Farbenspiel
SZ 2058265 / 06.01.2000 SchH3 / VA(BSZS+A) / 1 / Normal / Normal

VA Huppy von Arlett

VA Eros von der Luisenstraße

V Xtra von Arlett

V Dasti vom Farbenspiel

V Miro vom Holtkämper See

V Orti vom Farbenspiel

V Ola vom Akrobat
SZ 2053063 / 30.09.1999 SchH1 / V / 1 / Fast normal / -

V Yoker vom Lechtal

VA Karly von Arminius

V Randi vom Lechtal

V Hoppel vom Akrobat

V Waronjo von Isidora

V Vali vom Castellberg










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