V-1 Quinnie von Jagenstadt
AKC WT: 08-08-2010


Körung/Breed Survey


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SG-17 Youth Class - 2011 Sieger Show Denmark

Quinnie is owned by our friend Lena Pichler Bjerre of the Leri Kennel in Denmark.
Lena has always been there to help us and has trusted us with some of her best dogs.
We are so happy that Quinnie will have the opportunity to live and train with Lena and Erik and 
we hope that she will turn out to be as great as her mother Leri Michaela is.
We wish her much success in furthering this great blood line.



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Körung/Breed Survey

Korschein Report - Breed Survey: OG Nordhorn 22-09-2012
Körmeister: SV Bernhard Erdmann

Large, Strong, Dry and Firm female of very good anatomy. Good height to length proportions, very good expression, very good character, strong head, dark eyes. High long Wither, straight solid back, somewhat short croup of good position. Very good front and rear angulation, balanced chest proportion, straight in front. Powerful and spacious ground covering movement with good rear drive and free front reach.

TBS; Sure character/temperament, courage and fighting instinct pronounced, does out.
Special Merits: Very well pigmented female.
Breeding Recommendations:  Particularly suitable for improving character and pigment.



Sptz.SG 2011 Sieger Show Germany