Welcome to our Testimonial Page!
Here you will find some pictures and letters from our extended family of puppy and older dog customers.
We are so proud of the owners of these puppies/dogs and thankful for the love and care that they have put into raising them. It's so wonderful to see how our von Jagenstadt puppies and older dogs have fit in so well in their new homes and truly become an important addition to their new families.
Enjoy your visit!

Andrew & Maureen Masia


I'm beholden to my veterinarian who recommended Andrew Masia as the most conscientious of breeders. I was fortunate to watch his hands on care of his puppies in a meticulously attended facility. And Jack, well Jack is the dog among all of the German Shepherds I have loved and owned that I would clone.  Healthy, curious, anxious to please, quick to learn, with a temperament as steady as a rock just begins to describe this dog! My next German Shepherd will be one from Von Jagenstadt German Shepherd Dogs.

Anne Wilson



Hi Andrew,
 Aries has settled in well, he will come when called and he has already learned how to sit. He is starting to learn "no bites". The other dogs are getting use to him, when they chase the ball he runs with them . He is getting a lot of exercise on the 6 acres, he loves being outside and tries to chew everything.

My husband was completely surprised and completely in love when he saw the puppy. Aries follows him everywhere and they are developing a great bond.

Thank You,
 Tiffany Ellison



Hi Andrew,

Everything is going great with Barley, the kids love him and he's really showing his great personality. He’s doing really well with his crate training and has already found "his" spot in the living room:


Barley has been a real treat and not at all hard to deal with, he’s just so cool. I took these pictures the other day when I came home and peeked outside Barley heard me at the back door and sat up, he is such a character.

James Ashcroft



Hi Andrew,
Ben is doing great! He truly is a wonderful dog, great personality, very smart, eager to please, sociable... 
I wish I had more time to invest in his training, he would be off the charts! He's pushing 90lbs coming up on his 1st birthday. What a great family member he is!

Take care, 
Doug Small



Hi Andrew,

 Lasso “aka Bruce” is doing wonderful, he fits right in. He has been doing very good with the potty training, the first night he slept in until 7:40 AM. We are both getting into our routines, he loves the frozen carrots, very good idea. Here are some pictures of him.

Bruce is now potty trained and crate trained. When my mom comes down here with her dogs he is very good, Bruce always goes up and licks his face. My fiancée and I just started teaching him commands when walking on the leash and sit and stay. His ears are up. I will send more pictures.

Alisyn Feit



Hello Andrew,

Just a note to express my excitement after speaking with you on the phone  today. I knew that the conversation with you would reveal to me whether I was going to have one of your dogs in May or not. Your professionalism, knowledge, passion, honesty, and straight-forward attitude was all I needed to hear. I have done my homework, and it led me to your door. I'm happy we're able to do business!

Thanks again,
Heather Davis


Hey Andrew,

Buckshot is the most beautiful animal in every way that anyone could hope for.  Again, I am so fortunate to have a von Jagenstadt German Shepherd. I never appreciated all that went into breeding dogs before this and what I've discovered is that it takes more than brains and experience, it takes heart. You obviously have what it takes. I will enjoy keeping you up on this one of your "K" litter and hope I can do him justice.

Thank you for my new family member.



Hey Andrew,

Buckshot  honestly has the best disposition that one could ask for.  He notices everything but nothing rankles him, he's cautious but not fearful, barks appropriately, is totally housetrained, is very friendly, on and on and on. He is so darn smart, he just learns everything right away. He actually brought me the paper yesterday on his own.  We've been doing that in the mornings and I helped him hold it at first and then ran along with him and then walked half way and less and yesterday he did it all on his own while I was preoccupied with something.  I've taken him to the Farmer's Market the last three Saturdays and today one of the craftsmen there who says he has had only GSDs wanted to buy him from me.  Everybody who sees him from the vet to the pet-care owner to the neighbor just can't get over what a presence he has; immediately recognizable quality.  He's always the hit of the parade. and he is such a love!

Hope all is well with you,



Hi Andrew,

Everyone has gone crazy over Champ! The kids will not stay out of the house for more than 1-2 hours without wanting to go home to be with him.  My wife is head over heels in love with him, everywhere we take him we get complimented on how gorgeous he is! Thank you for all your help with making him part of our family.

Rob Buehl



Hi Andrew,

Echo is everything we hoped for in a German Shepherd, he is definitely a smart and very loving dog. 

He is good with the kids and loves attention. I speak for my entire family when I say that we are absolutely thrilled! As you can see he is a beautiful dog, everyone in the neighborhood loves him.

We are very happy, Thanks!!
The DeGusipe Family



Hi Andrew,

Here are some pictures of Miss Fia. Ralph and I again wish to “THANK YOU” for her! She got her presents early this morning and was so excited. Here is Miss Fia is with her 15 new toys that Santa brought her.

Vicki and Ralph Yacono and Miss Fia Lynn



Hi Andrew,

Fritz is doing great, he loves playing with the boys! Here are a few pictures I took.Take care and keep in touch!

 Nancy White



Hi Andrew,

We truly love Balthazar, he has fit into the household perfectly.  My wife is really jealous because this dog worships me. I cannot say enough about how well he was trained or how good his personality is, he has worked out beyond our expectations. Thank you again for all your help in acquiring him.  

Ron Potts


Hi Andrew

Hattie is doing great! She has really settled in and is fast becoming my wife's shadow. Enclosed are some pics of her and Balda. Thank you again for all your time and effort with helping us to get these two fantastic dogs.

Ron Potts



Hi Andrew, 
  Jaeger is doing great! So far two nights in a row we have slept VERY well! The few protests we get are when he can hear us getting ready in the morning, after he's been out already and he wants to be where we are. We almost have him cured of mouthing us, he knows what 'Leave it' means already. He has already gone to the door a few times to go out and when he is done outside he makes a beeline back to the front door, and then sits while waiting for us to take off the collar and leash!
   I am relearning a few things about regular dogs after having higher content wolf dogs for so long, but we are all learning together and actually having lots of fun. I have never seen Adam enjoy a dog this much, not even my Merlyn who was quite a shepherd, but then a GSD has been Adam's dog of choice since before I even met him, so he's really into it!
Here’s some pictures.

Meegan Ehrlich



Hi Andrew,

Just a quick note to let you know that we took  Kanyon to the vet today. He is perfect!! The vet says that he is going to be a huge boy. He is the best puppy, he hasn't given us a hard time at night at all, he sleeps all the way through. He is definitely a people dog, he likes to be right in the middle of everything. I just wanted to thank you again for our precious addition to the family. We ALL love him so much. My dachshund, Gracie acts like his mother, she actually herds him for me, It’s funny to watch. Can you imagine a dachshund herding a shepherd. They are crazy about each other, he cries when he doesn't see her. I'm sending a couple of pictures along, hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  

Pam Sejnoha


Hi Andrew, Happy New Year!!
Hope you had a great holiday. Just thought I would update you on our boy. He's getting soooo big!!
He's such a daddy's boy. He's everything we could have asked for in a pup, Nacho is in love with him. We still would like to have another pup one day.

Take care.
Regards, Pam & family



Hi Andrew,
I hope all is well. Here are some pictures of Linus, he is doing great and is very smart. My niece is learning all the commands and he listens to her really well. Linus is huge but he is lean, he is about 50 pounds, last vet visit he was 44lbs. My vet said that he wants to take pictures of him so he can show his other clients the results of good breeding and good feeding. Here are a couple of pictures.
Rafael S. Fernandez



Hi Andrew, 

Thank you very much for allowing us to add a new member to our family. His new nickname is Mako (as well as the fierce name of the shark, it also stands for the immortal). He and the boys get along very well. I am off work due to my knee injury and he gets constant attention day and night. By the time we all go to bed he welcomes the quiet time. I have attached a few of the pictures we took. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy him. 

John, Stephanie, Ryan, Zachary, Isaac, and Jacob McHenry



Hi Andrew,

Raul is doing great, he has all his vaccinations and also his micro-chip. He is very energetic, playful and he’s the attraction wherever he goes. He did excellent at his first kindergarten class! We walk him a lot, socialize him a lot, ride him in the car (he loves it) and he has all the toys that you can imagine. He understands his name, sit and down. He’s a wonderful pup, he sleeps all night long, from 8:45 PM up to 5:00 AM, no accidents in the cage! We love Raul and are fully committed to help make him a wonderful dog.

John Rendon

















Marcus is doing great and has adapted perfectly to our home and continues to amaze us all with his intelligence as he knows about 5 commands already, he is the best puppy one could have. We have taken him to my kid's school almost every day and he has handled all of the "attention" of about 500 kids with ease! He has been to all of our baseball games and practices with us and he loves to ride in the car. If you open the car door, he's in it! 
Please tell Maureen Happy Mother’s Day from us.

Jay & Michelle



Hi Andrew,

Here are some updated pictures of Otis (Maximos). His ears are starting to stand up- it is so cute! He's making it through the night without having to go out and is eating like a champ. He swam in the pool for the first time yesterday, It was a quick dip, but he did great! Ryan is taking swimming lessons, so the puppy was curious. He’s chewing on anything he can get his paws on- you'll see him here with his favorite squeaky toy!

Hope you guys are doing well.
Randi and Jason




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